Best of Sites Free Ringtone Download

Best of Sites Free Ringtone Download

Free ringtones for Android, iPhone, and other devices are readily available and sometimes better than creating your own ringtones. But you need to know where to look. There are many ringtone sites on the web, but not all of them are created equal.

Some have so many ads that you can barely find the actual download button, others have so few options that it’s not worth checking out, and some make you pay for the ringtone.

Here is a list of the best free ringtone sites. You can find ringtones songs and random sounds to make your ringtone listeners wonder where in the world you found cool tones.

Note: Android phones identify audio files as ringtones when in MP3 format, whereas iPhones require the file extension to be M4R. If the ringtone you downloaded from one of these websites is not in the right format for your device, use an audio converter like FileZigZag to create the right file for you. You can also use iTunes to convert MP3 to M4R.

IMPORTANT: We do not recommend or condone the downloading of free ringtones made from popular songs as it is most likely a copyright infringement.

4 Sites Best Free Ringtone Download


Finding free ringtones through ZEDGE is simple. You can search for ringtones or search for trendy items on our homepage to see the most popular ringtones we have to offer.

Use the play button to preview tones instantly. If you like it, select a title to find a download page where you can save the ringtone as an MP3.

On the ringtone download page, you can find interesting tags to choose from with similar tones. For example, you might have a COUNTRY MUSIC tag that you can select to find all country-related ringtones on ZEDGE.

2. Mobcup

Free ringtones by mobcup offers thousands of options. The site is a bit odd to use, but you don’t need to do much other than create a user account or preview or download ringtones.

If you know what kind of ringtone you want, there are several categories you can look for. Vacation, fun, texting, music, movies or Bollywood.

Once you’ve decided on the tone you like, use the Android button on the download page to save the ringtone to MP3. There is also an option to send by phone, but it may not work (not suitable for us).

3. CellBeat

Like other free ringtone sites, CellBeat lets you browse through more than a dozen categories and find your next favorite ringtone. Among them are Disco, Blues, Country, House, Alternative, Pop, Rap,  Lounge, Latin and many more.

One of the unique features of using this ringtone download site is that it has several details about each ringtone, including the number of times the ringtone was viewed, its rating, author, length, file size, etc. .

There are free ringtone downloads for iPhone and Android. After listening to the ringtone and checking if it’s what you want, choose iPhone M4R or Android MP3

The only downside to using CellBeat to download ringtones is that it has too many ads. Be careful with clicking.

4. MyTinyPhone

Over half a million free ringtone downloads on MyTinyPhone. If you haven’t found any cool ringtones, you must use this site.

These free ringtones are easy to browse as you can sort the list by popularity, date added or rating, as well as filter by time, today, last week or last month.

There are over 12 categories of ringtones to choose from, including common ringtones such as dance, country, classical and rock, as well as unique genres such as sound effects, sounds, themes, games, gospel, and fun.

The easiest way to get this free ringtone is to get an MP3 by selecting the Save to PC option on the download page. Or, for the M4R version, use the Save button for IPHONE (there are also instructions on the download page on how to import ringtones into iTunes for use on your iPhone).


It’s frustrating to have the same old ringtones, so here are the top 4 websites that offer free ringtones for Android. You can read carefully which site is right for you. One ringtone can be found on one site but not on another. So, browse other sites until you find what you are looking for. If you are picky, you can create your own tone by adding songs and selecting specific songs.

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