Best of Volume and Sound Booster Apps for Android

Best of Volume and Sound Booster Apps for Android

Android is great for watching movies and TV, listening to music and podcasts. But there is one problem. Many Android phones are not loud enough.

So what can you do? In this quick guide, we show you the best volume booster apps and other tools to enhance the sound on your Android device.

Android Volume Booster App: Beware!

If you want to find the best volume booster app for Android, you have to start a search on the Play Store. It represents dozens of results consisting of an app with the same name, good ratings, and lots of downloads.

Of course, your mileage may vary. Certain apps may work on certain devices. But either way we would be reluctant to recommend them.

“Volume booster” seems to be the category that attracts a lot of spam or junk apps. All the free ads we tested were filled with annoying ads.

Some show ads every time I tap on the interface. Other apps have ads that appear on top of the other apps we use. Some even play full-screen video ads with sound. This is the last thing you want when you turn the volume up to max.

Best of Volume and Sound Booster Apps for Android

1. Equalizer

An equalizer is usually the best option for improving sound quality. You can make your phone bigger and use the frequency slider to reduce distortion which can be a side effect. Equalizer named simple simple and easy to use.

Equalizer lets you choose from 11 preset sound profiles. You can also create your own if you upgrade to the paid version. Activate the hearing aid function by pressing the power button in the upper right corner. You can also use Bass Boost here — useful if you have high-quality headphones, but can expose your phone’s speaker limitations

2. Equalizer FX

This app covers areas similar to an equalizer. The main difference is that it works with Google Play Music. Many third-party audio apps don’t work with streaming services, or at least only work as paid add-ons. FX doesn’t have that problem. It works automatically as standard and free.

The Effects tab has Bass Boost and Loudness Enhancer options to help you increase your phone’s speaker volume.

3. Precise Volume

Precise Volume is a comprehensive volume app that has something for everyone. I have an equalizer with sound boost function. There are also presets that are activated when a set of headphones are inserted, and you can set custom volume levels for different applications.

Our favorite feature is the app name. It replaces Android’s standard 15-step volume control with a 100-step alternative. You can precisely control the volume of your phone.

4. VLC for Android

If your low volume problem is limited to music and movies, installing VLC is a quick solution.

It’s a little hard to find with popular media players, but it can improve sound by up to 200%. You may need to enable volume boost first by going to Preferences > Video > Audio Boost.

Now, when you start playing media, press the Settings button and select the Equalizer icon. You don’t need to do this, but you will be prompted to save the new equalizer preset.

In the next dialog, find the horizontal slider at the top and drag it to the right to increase the sound level. You have the option to re-save changes when you exit.

Unlike desktop, VLC on Android is just as good for music and movies. If you store a lot of content locally on your device, this can be a good solution.

5. Podcast Addict

Podcasts can be a particular problem, even on phones with decent speakers. Most of these aren’t professionally recorded, so the sound quality isn’t as good and they’re quieter than you’d like.

Most of the best podcast apps have options that can help. Podcast Addict is recommended because it has a volume boost setting as well as a built-in equalizer. This allows you to change the sound of your favorite podcasts to emphasize the sound while reducing the noise of the music or audience.

It can be more effective than making the entire recording louder.

Another way to increase Android volume

If you are still not satisfied with how loud your phone’s speakers are, there is another way to change the volume on Android.

First, check where your speakers are and keep them clear. Most cell phone cases have small holes for the speakers, which can easily become clogged with dust over time.

A few acoustic tricks can work wonders. Put your phone in a large glass and the sound is amplified. If you don’t have a phone, place it near a hard surface and bend it towards you.

Also, if your phone has a speaker on the bottom edge, wrap your arms around it to direct the sound towards you.

Finally, smartphone speakers are, of course, limited. Most external speakers work better than built-in speakers.

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