Best of Free Music Player Software for Windows PC

Best of Free Music Player Software for Windows PC

People who have invested a lot of money in managing their music collection are always looking for the best music player for Windows 10 or any other operating system for that matter.

Because this audio player app allows audiophiles to listen to their favorite songs whenever they want and organizes their library in a better way.

Talking about 2021, there are plenty of Windows music player software you could have. However, some jada musicians cannot be ruled out. Windows Media Player, Microsoft’s home software, has been replaced by a newer audio player for Windows 10 called Groove Music.

The realm of free music apps for PC may disappear over time, but many still consider local solutions with their internet-based audio streaming counterparts. So, without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at 2021, the best free music player software for Windows 10.

Best Free Music Player Software for Windows PC

1. Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is an MP3 player that comes pre-installed on your PC. Microsoft introduced this to Windows, allowing users to easily play and manage video and audio files. Besides WAV, it also supports MP3.


  • It’s free without installation.
  • Manage music files, including MP3s.
  • Automatically display ID3 tags.
  • Burn MP3 to Audio CD.
  • Organize your MP3 files by albums, artists, and more.


  1. It supports only limited audio formats.
  2. There are several customization options.

2. Musicbee

Musicbee is an MP3 player and music library for Windows. Of course, you can use it to enjoy MP3 files from your hard drive. You can also browse our massive music database for free.


  1. Available for free on Windows 10/8/7.
  2. It can be customized with plugins and skins.
  3. Update or edit tags.
  4. Automatically fill in information about your song.


  1. To do this, you need to install additional components.
  2. Your MP3 player may freeze or crash.

3. Foobar2000

Foobar2000 is another free MP3 player known for its modular design. The interface is highly customizable according to your preferences. Apart from that, it hides various features for advanced users.


  1. Compatible with Windows, iOS and Android.
  2. Manage and play MP3 and other music files.
  3. Rip CDs and convert them to digital music.
  4. Create playlists and open multiple playlists.


  1. The interface is difficult to learn.
  2. Some features are hidden in the menu list.


As a free MP3 player, AIMP can meet your basic needs for music listening. You can redesign the interface and skins according to your habit. More importantly, it is very lightweight and works smoothly on older devices.


  1. Available for Windows 10/8/7 and Android.
  2. Includes sound enhancement features.
  3. It features a tag editor and online radio browser.
  4. Compatible with multiple audio codecs.


  1. Help is available in Russian and English only.
  2. It takes more time to load music files.

5. MediaMonkey

If you have a large music library on your PC, MediaMonkey is the best MP3 player option. It can handle your entire music library with hundreds of thousands of songs without any lag.


  1. Manage your music library easily.
  2. Displays duplicated songs, albums and playlists.
  3. Rip CDs to MP3 files.
  4. Search for missing metadata over the internet.


  1. The interface looks text-heavy.
  2. We offer a free version, but registration is required.


As you can see, all audio players for Windows 10 excel in some areas or others. It all depends on which part of your media player you like best.

While Dopamine seems to offer a simple music player, MusicBee, AIMP, and VLC offer features for more advanced users. On the other hand, Spotify and iTunes take you to the world of online music streaming. There is also a Winamp that can be nostalgic.

So, in the end, we decide which music to watch as the best music player for Windows 10. Whether you want to listen to songs, manage a huge music library, or prefer the look of Windows Music Player above all else.

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